5 Tips How to Grow a Ton of Ginger in One Container or Garden Bed

If you would like to know how to grow a big harvest of ginger watch this video for my five top tips on ginger growing!

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  1. I love to use ginger in any way possible I’m in love with ginger! I’m from Adrian Michigan and we have a drink that is called Vernors and it’s known in Michigan as the Michigan cure ! A lot of us use it when we do car rides and when you have an upset stomach and when we’re sick ! I myself love to drink it when ever ! It is amazing ?! I LOVE GINGER! I’m going to try to grow myself this year ! Thank You for sharing!

  2. 1. Position – full sun preferred. Part shade is ok. The container/pot is fine too.
    2. Soil – rich organic matter soil, it should hold moisture but drains easily. Develop the soil overtime with homemade soil.
    3. Water – water it a lot in free draining soil. It doesn’t like sitting in water. Don’t water it as often in the beginning cuz it might rot. Start watering it more when shoots appear.
    4. Leave it in the soil until you need it.

    How to plant it
    1. break up your starter ginger in several places. Around 2 inch pieces or bigger in diameter.
    2. Lay it half a foot apart on soil.
    3. Bury it about an inch under the soil. Just slightly under the soil.
    4. Put blood and bone meal, or chicken manure but not grass manure on the top.
    5. put mulch or wood chips on top
    6. Can be harvested from the get-go as young ginger.

  3. There isn't any point to digging up all your ginger, just to turn around and replant it. The best place to store ginger is in the ground. Just leave it there until you need a bit to use and then 'bandicoot' around the base until you can snap off as much as you need. It just dries out and becomes very fibrous if you leave it unused.

  4. You always have fun tips. I need to expand my ginger crop. It's just in 3 large pots at the moment. I freeze, dehydrate and use raw. I've just found a great Thai ginger stir-fry recipe that's to die for. I make batches and freeze for a rainy day. Keep up the good work!?

  5. My friend,
    You are the cats ass!! That’s good ? I love your channel and your great way of teaching us how to grow food.
    My question is: do these types of Rhizome vegetables have to be harvested after the stalks die back? Can they be left in the ground over Winter in the US & then re-shoot come Spring?
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  6. Glad to hear it will grow in partial shade on my balcony. Thank you for your great advice, ginger is a favorite and very beneficial. Pickled ginger uses tender young plants. I have to figure out how to slice it thin. : )

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