30 Mac / macOS Getting Started Tips! Do you know them all?

In this video I walkthrough everything I do when setting up a new Mac. In this macOS getting started guide, I show you some basic, intermediate, and advance Mac tips and tricks.
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This video walkthrough shows you some of the first things to do when setting up a new Mac, or reinstalling macOS. This tutorial was performed on an M1 Mac using macOS Big Sur, but should generally apply to all new Mac setups.

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0:00 Introduction
1:33 Configure tracking speed for trackpad
2:11 Enable tap to click for trackpad
2:46 Enable three-finger drag on trackpad
3:41 Configure tracking speed for mouse
4:05 Enable right-click for mouse
4:33 Enable swipe between pages for Magic Mouse
5:15 Enable Apple Watch unlock
5:59 Enable Hot Corners
8:27 Enable keyboard navigation to move focus
9:52 Update your computer name
10:27 Add volume controls to menu bar
11:16 Remove Spotlight from menu bar
11:41 New Finder windows show Desktop
12:17 Configure Finder sidebar
13:01 Add ‘Hard Disks’ to the Desktop
13:19 Keep folders on top when sorting by name
14:08 Make searches use the current folder
15:05 Add User Library to sidebar
16:23 Enable Finder status bar
16:53 Disable floating thumbnail for screenshots
17:56 Disable screenshot shadow
20:18 Enable Stacks on Desktop
21:09 Customize Safari start page
21:58 Enable Safari status bar
22:32 Enable Develop menu in Safari
23:11 Install Yoink
24:33 Install Alfred
26:37 Disable ‘Show recent applications in Dock’
27:27 Customize Dock apps to your liking
28:37 Resize Dock
28:58 Move the Dock ‘Position on screen’
29:35 Enable ‘Automatically hide and show the Dock’
29:56 Enable ‘Automatically hide and show the menu bar’

Screenshot mod terminal commands as requested:
defaults write com.apple.screencapture disable-shadow -bool true
defaults write com.apple.screencapture type JPG
killall SystemUIServer

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  1. Great video! Can you please tell me how can I display a virtual keyboard shortcut on the desktop or on the Dock?

    I also have a m1 mac mini connected to an oled tv 55inch. It would be convenient to call the keyboard in this way.

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