Internet & Computer Tips : How to Remove Internet Explorer From Windows XP

Remove Internet Explorer from Window XP by opening the “Control Panel,” clicking on “Add/Remove Programs,” selecting “Windows Componenets” and checking the Internet Explorer box. Follow the steps to remove Internet Explorer, restarting the computer after it finishes, with help from a Web designer and computer specialist in this free video on Internet browsers.

Expert: Noah Blumenthal
Bio: Noah Blumenthal is a computer expert who worked as a Web designer at Netbuzz, an online Web design and advertising company in Paris, France.
Filmmaker: Paul Volniansky


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  1. Was in IT for seven years supporting XP's bullshit, and while this doesn't actually remove IE, it's good enough to keep your typical user from using it since it removes the IE icon from the desktop. So while the video's title is technically incorrect relative to the video's content, it is still useful.

  2. u cant remove this, microsoft even said that its illegal, IE is protected by microsoft so no matter what you do IE will always come back, i think this method only works for vista, oh and if anyone knows how to remove IE in Xp please message me or reply to this comment

  3. that doesnt actually 100% delete ie , as if you don't have ie , you can't download updates and other stuff..
    Internet explorer is actually in the OS and can be deleted , but could make a BIG problems on your comp. Its not only a browser , it does alot more.
    and you CAN delete it without having problems but its too hard to explain..

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