Greatness never ends: The First Look 2021 | Samsung

Samsung is bringing innovative technology to screen experiences in a way you’ve never seen before.

At its 9th First Look event, the tech trailblazer goes digital to introduce its latest creations, technologies, and a new vision for a sustainable and inclusive future.

See it all for yourself in the comfort of home. Greatness never ends, it evolves. Meet the Neo QLED at The First Look 2021

00:00 The First Look 2021
00:15 You’re invited
01:30 Opening speech from JH Han, President of Visual Display
05:40 Eco-Packaging and SolarCell Remote
11:10 Accessibility
16:56 Vision: Screens Everywhere, Screens for All
19:42 Neo QLED: Intro
21:20 Neo QLED: In-home Activity
27:20 Neo QLED: For enhanced experience
33:11 Lifestyle TV
44:56 Closing speech

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  1. brought my phone 6 month ago; the LTE antenna went bad last month and now i have the screen that is starting to crack , Samsung don't want to change the phone only want to repair the phone ,but if you open the phone you will lose the water resistant ,and water can go in and damage the components ,i tried my best to contact Samsung so I can have a new phone send to me and nothing keep in mind I paid $1.800 dollar for my phone Fold3 generations 512gb and they want to fixed for the second time in 1 month I have all the paper work and pictures, I'm going to continue posting afterwards i want to let everyone know to be careful and don't purchase Samsung

  2. Samsung has and will always have me as a loyal customer ??? not are they paying attention to the earth beauty, they are thinking of every possible living space situation a perso might have to go through. They have great products for small, average, and large spaces. I really love this. ❤ I can't wait to have my house top to bottom and front to back with Samsung technologies.

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