Gaming on a 25 YEAR OLD Laptop!!

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  1. Literally had this exact laptop, years ago. It was the first laptop I ever owned, passed down from my mother as a work PC. Good ol' Compaq Armada. Mine was a 166 with 32mb RAM and a 2GB hard drive, if I recall. Absolutely loved that thing.

  2. The late 90s was THE most fun I ever had using computers. And it was mainly for one reason; I had a way less people/friends/coworkers/family asking me to "help" them with their problems. By the time I was 13 I was giving middle aged grownups so much f*cking free IT help it wasn't even funny. My step dad would answer the phone and be like "hmm, idk, im not a computer guy, lemme ask my son…" And of course the internet made everything 10x worse.

  3. I was one of two kids in 7th grade in 1999 with a CD burner. It was an Acer 10x and combined with Napster, Skour and later KaZaA I was the goto person in my school for pirated music. I think it was actually me who was the reason why Lars couldn't afford his 3rd shark tank.

  4. I still have a CD burner on my computer. It has a Ryzen 5 processor. It's actually a BluRay player, but you can burn CDs on it. I use it to burn DVD for people's home videos.

  5. this might be crazy, but I work in 2022 in CDs, yes I burn CDs. it is boring but it gains money, by the way, you can use the software Nero for burning(this is what I'm using), but it is expensive unless you go with the free trial or the monthly subscription

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