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  1. Linus, can you do a review of the ASUS MB168C+? I can not find a single review of that monitor, and I wonder how well works for both photo/design work and gaming.
    My laptop (Lenovo Y50-70 with GTX 960) has a pretty terrible screen with a response time of 40ms if I remember correctly and a 60 or 80% SRGB coverage. At home I work with two monitors and I hate it that I only have one monitor whent I'm with my laptop, so i wonder if the MB169C+ is a good choice for a second monitor.
    (If possible I'd really like it if you can compare it to the MB169B+ because it is considerably cheaper.)

  2. Works like a charm. Both windows and Mac should download the driver to get access to all of the features. On Windows it will work out of the box, but you will neeed the driver to be able to auto-rotate the display. On Mac you need the driver to be able to use the display at all. All features worked on both Windows and Mac (On Mac you will have to manually set the rotation, but it only takes a second any way).
    Do not buy this display to play videos or video-games on it, due to motion on it is a bit jerky

  3. You may want to redo your intro. During your "Trusted Network Partner Linksys" part Linksys is almost inaudible. If you're going to integrate ads into your video at least get it right! 😀

  4. gpus can use thunderbolt (linus recently did a viedo on Magma Expressbox), but the main issue is driver support. And you can do more with it than just gpus and hdds (aka anything with a PCIe connection).

  5. there is a lot more to thunderbolt than just bandwidth.

    remember tb is 10gbps/channel. so the upstream and downstream are independent to each other. on a display its fine since it is 100% downstream. but in a high access scenario (external os drive) tb is much better option.

    Try this if you want proof: install and boot win 7 on usb3 drive.

  6. it is just 2x usb3, it is useless since no hdd need more than usb3 and gpus need more than thunderbolt, (thunderbolt is too expensive and not fast enough if you ask me)

  7. there was a 4k 22'' monitor launched more than 10 years ago,
    (in 2001)
    look for ibm T220 or T221
    4k is very old idk why they make such a fuss about it now, no one talked about it back then.

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